Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Check-in Policy: Due to the requirements of Decree 6.022 of January 22, 2007 and of the Regulation - RFB N 1.052 of July / 2010, in order to check in, it is necessary that the following data of the lodging file be filled in properly: Full name, CPF (Passport in the house of foreigners), full address, zip code, telephone with DDD and e-mail.

* Lodging Policy for Minors: By determination of Federal Law n. 8,069, dated July 13, 1990, we do not allow the lodging of minors under 18 (eighteen) years, unless accompanied by their parents or guardian. If the minor is accompanied only by his / her guardian, it is necessary to present at the time of check-in, a document authorizing the accommodation of the minor made in writing and signed by the parents, with firms recognized in a notary's office. Regardless of any other provision, all children under the age of 18 (eighteen) must present, at the time of check-in, a photo document that proves their identity and membership, even if accompanied by their parents.

* No Show Policy: For reservations, the non-attendance of the guest on the day of the reservation will entail the payment of the stipulated fine of 01 (a) daily, except periods of Holidays, Carnival, Christmas, New Year's Eve and High Season will be charged fine of the period of the reservation.

* Cancellation Policy: Guaranteed reservations must be canceled with at least 48 (forty-eight hours) before check-in, otherwise they will be charged and amounts paid can not be used for accommodation on other dates. All non-guaranteed bookings will be valid until 6:00 pm on the day of check-in. If the guest does not show up until the time, the reservation will be canceled automatically. For the periods of High Season, Christmas, New Year's Eve and Carnival, there will be a refund of the prepaid value, only for written cancellation requests of the client and the hotel's "customer", respecting the following conditions: 100% amount paid for cancellations up to 07 days after the first payment (Art. 49 - Consumer Protection Code), after this deadline a fine will be charged for the full period of the reservation (without refund).

* We do not accept payment by check.